Auto Industry Consulting’s V.I.A. (Vehicle Insight Analysis) is a service comparing current to pre-launch vehicle repair costs by understanding the changes in technology, parts and repairability.

V.I.A. not only offers significant advantages over existing underwriter and insurance services vehicle technology information streams, but will also provide an advantage to repairers in helping to identify what knowledge, training, information and equipment will be required to undertake safe and efficient repairs in the future, also allowing insight in to the strategic direction of the business with regard to the type of work the repair would benefit from most.

V.I.A includes:

  • Base line of known existing vehicle including options relating to technology high lights (ADAS body materials, cost intensive components / operations away from the class norm).
  • Comparison of the replacement vehicle up to 6 months ahead of UK launch – trim packs, standard equipment and options.
  • The variance in component cost.
  • The variance in labour for new or added repair operations.
  • A view 2 years ahead – what options will become standard fit, what new technologies will be added
  • A view 5 years ahead, covering the lifespan of the model.
  • The Group Rating process covers a standard set of parts, and a standard suite of impacts; VIA adds to the existing data stream by looking at options and technology, in terms of component cost as well as likely switch from option to standard fitment in the future.
  • Group Rating does not scope the range of ADAS technology (for example) in terms of maturity or impact on routine repair time.
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